The Republic

In an unprecedented portrait of the Republic, Dr. Jacques historically identifies the middle class as the greatest class ever; business as the world’s source of liberty and tolerance; and the family as the sovereign union which stands vigilantly between children and the state. Citizens of all backgrounds as well as teachers and theoreticians will find this book to be the clear and concise celebration of the Republic they have long awaited.

The Middle Class

The middle class is the greatest class ever.

The middle class has given the world more goods and services and arts and sciences than any other class in history.  And it does so increasingly in ever greater quantity ever better.

Because of the middle class, most humans now enjoy dynamic lives of healthy vitality and happy longevity, a condition never previously known to humanity.

People today live in greater comfort and with more variety than Louis XIV Sun King could command from his golden throne in his gigantic suburban palace at Versailles.

That the middle class is the greatest class has long been established as historical fact.

And yet the middle class continues to be noticed only with disparagement or apology — even by itself.

That may have been understandable in the past.

It most certainly isn’t now.

In the past, when there was an aristocracy, the middle class was inferior by definition.  Its position was middling:  mediocre at best, and at worst one step from the mud and manure of the peasantry.

But then the middle class transformed the world.

It converted peasants to farmers and farmers to agricultural entrepreneurs.  An inferior laboring class, filthy and superstitious, was no longer needed by history or humanity.

Likewise, the middle class took the obligations and prerogatives of government from the aristocracy.  A superior ruling class, gilded and cynical, was no longer needed either.

The middle class then proceeded to do what it does best:  Make.  Discover.  Create.

Make wealth.

Discover knowledge.

Create art.

And it invented the republic by which to secure and increase its gifts to mankind.

Amongst those gifts are the confidence of progress and the empowerment of liberty.

And yet for such world-transforming never-seen-before accomplishments, “middle class” seems such a middling name.

Why not make, discover or create a great new radiant and golden name?

The reason is simple.

The middle class is in the middle.

From its central position the middle class invites the world around it, upper and lower class, to join it.

The middle class is accessible to anyone, aristocrat or peasant, who wants to join the vital joys and unstoppable accomplishments of liberty and progress.

Middle class is truly the right name for the middle class.

It is a republican name strong and true.  It is a name as great and honest as the middle class itself is.

No change of name is needed.  Instead the world has changed to fit the name.

The Republic

The Republic

an Unprecedented Portrait of Our Republic

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