I found your statements concerning big government and the constitution interesting. I would agree that seemingly no mainstream source is raising its voice for limited government anymore. Both Republicans and Democrats only seem to push the issue of states’ rights when it benefits them or injures the opposition. This push from both sides in favor of federal power has left the states slumped in the shadow of Washington.

I don’t think that even John Jay or Alexander Hamilton would approve of the current power dynamic in the United States. The powers that be have decided to ignore the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

You mentioned Trump, who insisted throughout the campaign that he would considerably shrink the size of the federal government. He so fervently promised this because it is a popular idea with people like you and me – regular American citizens. Whether he keeps his promise or not remains to be seen. His current affection for executive orders doesn’t give me much hope, but I will reserve judgments until his time as president has passed.

Even if he doesn’t give power back to the states, he will only be continuing a presidential tradition that mostly started with FDR. It’s possible to say that its stretches back even further – to Abraham Lincoln, or all the way back to John Adams.

This troubling tradition is known as the Imperial Presidency. For years, the power of the executive has been growing exponentially. Presidents have slowly grabbed certain rights to the office that were not laid out in the Constitution. It’s not out of the question for modern presidents to virtually declare war or suspend constitutional rights without the consent of Congress. Issuing edicts without the process of discourse and compromise is not only un-American, but it contradicts the purpose of this nation’s founding.

So, I find myself wondering if we can ever go back to the way it’s supposed to be. Can the federal government be reeled in? Can future presidents follow the humble example of George Washington?  For the sake of our Republic and its founding ideals, I certainly hope so.

Robert Jacques, the Republican Gun, the Imperial Presidency

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