Reality 101

Everything you need to know about reality so you don’t spend the rest of your life in total stupidity.

REALITY 101: Everything you need to know about reality so you don’t spend the rest of your life in total stupidity,

Reality 101

By Prof. Robert A. Jacques

In Reality 101, Dr. Jacques makes sense of the revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics, logic, metaphysics and science of the past several centuries.  These astonishing discoveries are often not understood by non-specialists because of their technical complexities and weird obscurities.

In Reality 101 these world-liberating ideas, which are transformative for the meaning of humanity, are rendered accessible to everyone.  Reality 101 accomplishes this through a course of lectures presented in the format of a living classroom.

You’re now invited to attend this vital course.  And, hey, join in the discussion with all your personal passion!  But please be forewarned.  Playfulness and laughter are always permitted in Prof. Jacques’ classroom, but never dishonesty with the universe.

For lovers of action and apt ambition, nothing can be more heartening than the can-do attitude of Americans.  “We can do everything!” is the unwritten civic motto of America.  And given the commonplace conflation of “can” and “may,” the license is built into the ability.  You could say the ability permits itself:  that an action creates its own permission in the same way an expanding universe makes its own space as it goes.  This is as astonishing as it is superb.  And for lovers of permits everywhere, especially those who love to be paid for their issuance in quiet cash or loud kowtows, this is a most unwelcome historical development indeed.

More importantly, this historic sense of universal enablement isn’t just a collective or national sensibility.  It’s acquired as a birthright by every individual.  This personal sense of world fitness prevents what could be called the totalitarian fallacy from occurring.  That fallacy occurs when the collective is said to do everything, meanwhile everyone just sits around waiting for it to happen.  The result is a society of blank faces soon taught to laugh and cry on command.  Of course, we never see such collective blank looks in America.  Especially in classrooms.  Right?

At the end of Reality 101 you won’t know everything about the universe.  Indeed, you’ll know that that’s a silly idea.  And it always has been, even in Athens and Florence.  But in lieu of childish optimism and adolescent pessimism, you’ll know better how to comport yourself as a confident human being and therefore more excellently enjoy the universe.

Let us begin.

Reality 101

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Dr. Jacques teaches Philosophy and Political Theory and its practices  at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is available for speaking engagements as his time permits.

If you would like to schedule Dr. Jacques to guest lecture or speak at your conference or event contact him here.

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