Reality 101

Everything you need to know about reality so you don’t spend the rest of your life in total stupidity.

At the end of Reality 101 you won’t know everything about the universe. Indeed, you’ll know that that’s a silly idea. And it always has been, even in Athens and Florence. But in lieu of childish optimism and adolescent pessimism, you’ll know better how to comport yourself as a confident human being and therefore more excellently enjoy the universe.

Get a copy of Reality 101 Free! OK, in reality it’s not quite free, I have to cover the printing & shipping & handling that I am charged. But that’s it. I want to help you understand reality but not go broke doing it.Hey, Reality 101 is $22.99 in stores, 12 bucks is a pretty good deal, after all it’s nearly 300 pages of delightful insight into the universe in which we live.

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Dr. Jacques teaches Philosophy and Political Theory and its practices  at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is available for speaking engagements as his time permits.

If you would like to schedule Dr. Jacques to guest lecture or speak at your conference or event contact him here.

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