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If you are interested in purchasing a single copy of my books you will find them at Otto’s in down town Williamsport, PA and at online book sellers like amazon. They are available in Kindle and print form. Simply follow the appropriate link below.

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The Cat Who Loved Beethoven book cover

The Cat Who Loved Beethoven

Games of infinity. Hoorahs for the sun. A cat who loves Beethoven’s piano music

The Republic, an unprecedented portrait of Our Republic by Robert A. Jacques

The Republic

The middle class is the greatest class ever.

The middle class has given the world more goods and services and arts and sciences than any other class in history.  And it does so increasingly in ever greater quantity ever better.

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Dr. Jacques teaches Philosophy and Political Theory and its practices  at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is available for speaking engagements as his time permits.

If you would like to schedule Dr. Jacques to guest lecture or speak at your conference or event contact him here.

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